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General conditions for any service provided by Explore in Venezuela: 1.- Responsibilities: Explore takes full responsibility, for all signed contracts and arrangements including correspondence using e-mail, with its...
Recommendations: WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US? New York Times: According to Explore Partners, a Caracas-based tour company that can arrange flights, rooms and sailing,...
How is the Weather?
The Weather in Venezuela Your travel partner in Venezuela.
What is the Best Price Guarantee?
ExplorePartners guarantees you’re getting the best price. If you should find a better price online for the same service within 24 hours, Explore will refund the difference, and give you a travel...
Venezuela Events
Venezuela local holidays and events. January 1Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day). January 1-2La Paradura del Niño (Feast of the Holy Child)Andes states of Táchira, Mérida, and Trujillo, esp....
Yes, apart from a great an simple web design you will get everything included for promoting your online travel services, being a Posada - Hotel Tour - Charter or Airline operator. ...
5% of the total charge, including booking online and updates every month.
This list with all of the Posadas ( Lodges ) and camps in Venezuela. Its (cataloging of Standard and Superior Posada) has been made by different individual commercial and non...
How is the Weather in Venezuela
Caracas Airport Assistance & Taxi
Venezuela Airport Transfer and Assistance now withon line reservation please book here: Transfers from the International Airport to Caracas = 220.000 Bs. and with airport assistance = 450.000 Bs....
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