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Angel Falls

Canaima National Park. Home of the Angel Falls! How to get there, where to stay and what are the prices. Angel Falls in Canaima National Park Venezuela. The National Park is located in Bolivar, The Venezuelan state south of the Orinoco river.


Canaima National Park
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Before the General Marcos Perez Jimenez came to the presidency of Venezuela, on the island of La Orchila lived a hundred people who were later evicted. This island is about 40 Km2 and is located about 180 km from Caracas. There's a military post and access only the President and senior government officials.

At the time of General, Orchila were beautiful and very attractive women. This was stated in the interview he gave to Agustín Blanco Muñoz. He said there was not going to commit unnatural acts, but they were the ladies who wanted to go.

Marcos denied that women were forcibly taken out of their homes to carry recruited to the Island "were only voluntary". And jokingly, said he had ladies bother with it because not invited Orchila. Marcos Perez never ashamed of being told "Orchilero" nor the ladies were ashamed that called them the "Orchileras"

It is said that in the Orchila had a scooter and used to hunt naked women, they had to make great efforts to take over the stones to not be reached. Based on this history, a cartoon was published when the government fell. It was Marcos Perez Jimenez mounted on the scooter and the big member chasing women.

He never regretted it done. There was people to bathe, he said, had fun and then returned, but also came to have fun ladies and then did what is normal between a man and a woman when they get a favorable place and nice.

Mark in the interview recalled that episode when I was in the pool of Dr. Gutierrez Alfaro, with a beautiful woman named Silvana Pampanini. The two were in bathing suits and formed a fuss when they published a photo of them. A Marcos Pérez publication not ashamed, but what you might say on the outside of our people, such as "what people so backward and so wild that called attention to a couple of people on the edge of a swimming pool in a swimsuit" . Instead if he was concerned he could say his wife cared little else.

Regarding the immoral said that for him "is something that harms another person or group of people" and it was not a hypocrite to appear different from what it is. Marcos was bald and wore glasses because they looked good from afar.

As president of Venezuela, he said, did not choose my reputation for drunken player of gross bag; chose my reputation as a womanizer without actually being so. And remembering the nicknames of presidents appointed General Gomez gave fame Gross, General Medina Leoni and drunken, and Wolfgang Larrazabal of silly.

Regarding Dr. Caldera said he has cult fame, but he was "a Jesuit sanctimonious". Did you mean by these words that was people who looked one thing and do another.

De Carlos Andres Perez said he had chosen his own fame, but with a difference that their women paid the Venezuelan state and he paid them from his own pocket.

Referring to Luis Herrera Campins said he envied the tray of arepas for breakfast.

Marcos Perez Jimenez acknowledged that apart from being called "The Tachira chubby" and "Blockhead" also was a womanizer. Orchila considered an enabling environment and nice for a romantic encounter. Orchila


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Explore Partners Adventure team is a group of young travel professionals with a commitment to the nature, culture, history, and people of Venezuela. Our aim is to give our visitors an unforgettable experiences, ensuring that activities are sustainable and have a low environmental impact.

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Almost 21 years ago after sailing around the world we arrived, and final settled in this wonderful land of Venezuela, we have among others specialized in leading small groups of visitors, drawing on a network of Eco-guides and other experts to show you Venezuela in a way that is sustainable and limits our footprint. We work extensively with local communities and indigenous people to provide accommodations and services in remote and unexplored communities.

Our partners, friends and guides understand the sensitivity of each place they take you to, and design activities that respect the environment as well as the people and creatures that live in it. When you travel with us, you are sharing our commitment will always be treated as a traveler and friend not as a tourist.

We seek out the very best services to meet your particular needs. We can build specialized, tailor-made tours or develop programs for families or larger groups. We can even create adventure vacations, complete with extreme sports and activities.

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Internet has changed the world, now less known destinations as Venezuela are now on the map.

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