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Casa Pueblo Hostal Posada

Created on Monday, 23 January 2012. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

It's a big house with a large gate and with the river behind. Second floor rooms have air-condition, and private balcony, the first floor rooms have fans, corridor with hammocks and TV. If requested trips ...

Pueblo Viejo

Created on Sunday, 09 October 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Houses

A whole Villa to rent, and very well placed for up to 8 persons. With balcony, kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. Equipped with fridge, oven, DVD, music and lingerie. Including day cleaning. They ...

Posada Pueblo Chico

Created on Monday, 04 April 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Your colonial home in Choroni. Rooms are tasteful, spacious and comfortable. Includes breakfast. Spanish, English and Italian spoken. Great solarium with barbecue, and small palm hut.

Granja Paraíso Posada Turística Pueblo De Antaño El Barquisimeto De Antier

Created on Sunday, 20 March 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Pedro Rodríguez regresó de estudiar en España y resolvió montar posada en sus tierras aprovechando tanto campo y aire libre para leer, caminar o ver el cielo. Hay antigüedades, ...

Entrepueblos De Paraguaná

Created on Wednesday, 03 March 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Spacious rooms, kitchen for everyone to solve there cooking because there is no restaurant. Large stables and a fence at the beach of Santa Rosa. It is a perfect choice for a family trip that includes ...
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