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Casa Chiara

Created on Thursday, 23 August 2012. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... the Playa Caribe Beach, fax, e-mail. Private Transfer (Welcome and farewell) to the airport included. TOP: The location is excellent. Ia was built with the idea of translating local architectural tradition, ...

Caracas-Orinoco Delta-Canaima-Margarita Island 12 Days / 11 nights.

Created on Friday, 20 January 2012. Posted in Packages/Tours

... Porlamar Pampatar Playa el Agua - Lunch (on your own "a la carte") North coast line viewer "Pedro Gonzalez Valley" and fishing village "Puerto Guayacan". Since we visit churches, it is recommended not ...

Los Testigos

Created on Tuesday, 10 January 2012. Posted in Destinations/Islands

Discover these small islands only inhabited by a few fishermen. Charter a yacht in Juan Griego, arrive the next morning and anchor up in Playa Real, the most beautiful bay of the island, have a drink with ...

Margarita 7 day / 6 nights

Created on Tuesday, 10 January 2012. Posted in Packages/Tours

Tours de sitios Historicao, parques tematicos y de las playas mas visitadas de Margarita. Día 1: 9:00 am Llegada a margarita y traslado al hotel en Porlamar. 12:00 am visita al Centro comercial La Vela, ...

Posada Agua

Created on Wednesday, 14 December 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... corredores de hamacas. Perfecto para familias o grupos que quieran pasar unos días en la playa de la cocina y ser feliz. Hay muchos árboles de coco, y el aparcamiento está vallado. Un soporte con 4 parrillas ...

Campamento Playa De Uva

Created on Sunday, 04 December 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

With 7 luxury villas, each with its own swimming pool, patio, terrace, room, sitting room and a visual view that leaves you breathless. The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen at the end in order to ...

Isla Tortuga

Created on Sunday, 28 August 2011. Posted in Destinations/Islands

... sur del Mar Caribe y a 85 kilometros del Estado Miranda y a 120 Kilometros de Nueva Esparta. La forma de la isla es similar a una elipse lo que atrapa por u singular forma,sus playas de arena blanca y ...

El Oasis

Created on Friday, 03 June 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Great family home, and a true oasis with lots of vegetation. Rooms overlooking a small beach and there is a pool in the middle. Provides transfer to Playa La Punta with chairs and great meals. Internet ...


Created on Thursday, 19 May 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... equipada, sala comedor y sales directo al mar y la laguna. Viene con sillitas, cava, termo de agua y sombrilla de playa, direct TV, teléfono y un ama de llaves que limpia diariamente mientras tu ...

El Archipiélago Posada

Created on Tuesday, 26 April 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Just a few steps from the privileged Playa El Agua. The cabins are spotless, with garden, walkways, trees for freshness and shade, flowers and a little patio in front with hammock. There are 4 doubles ...

Casa De Playa

Created on Sunday, 13 March 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Can host up to 46 people as there are multiple rooms which can accommodate up to 10, all with big windows that overlook the sea. The restaurant is huge and the tables are from the river and the sea. Parking ...

Chuchas House

Created on Wednesday, 23 February 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Beach, sun and silence, these islands of the east whose only means of communication with the world is the sea. Playa Real, Tamarindo, Windward or La Iguana. Rent a house. Chucha is the wooden house in ...

Casa De Playa

Created on Monday, 06 December 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Houses

Complete with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, a mini pool and a mini jacuzzi, a corridor where the beds are, a living room to watch television, a barbecue hut and in the back a little bar, all is simple and clea

Edén Casa De Playa

Created on Friday, 26 November 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Very nice entrance with lots of vegetation that continues up the sides of the pool. Nice rooms, sencillitas and spacious with all its services and kind attention of their managers. A room for events, private ...

Posada La Playa

Created on Sunday, 05 September 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Attractive rooms with filtered water and fridge. Kitchen, dining room, a hut on the beach and barbecue. WIFI internet, parking and playground.    

Citronela Spa

Created on Monday, 26 July 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

It's small, family-friendly, very close to Playa El Agua, with rooms and 2 cottages, each with kitchenette. There is a small pool in the middle of the garden, cable TV, Wifi, safe, air conditioning and ...

Hotel Playa Maigualida

Created on Friday, 16 July 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Hotels

Good spacious and comfortable rooms, apart from the river and beachfront the hotel offers for recreation tennis, Boccia and basketball, pool tables and ping pong.

Posada Estrella Paraiso

Created on Saturday, 24 April 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Complete and simple rooms. Food only served in the evening, very quite with a nice view. Tours to Playa Caribe can be arranged. Divers can rent equipment.  ...

La Playa

Created on Wednesday, 24 March 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Overlooking the beach and with diving service. Below are the reception and dining room and upstairs the rooms. As is 50 meters from the sea, is very convenient for divers. Includes dinner and breakfast. ...

La Playa

Created on Sunday, 07 March 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

There are 4 apartments for 9 people and 4 suites fully equipped for 5 people with kitchen, refrigerator and utensils and a further 9 rooms only for lodging. It has private parking, armed security, swimming ...
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