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Created on Thursday, 31 January 2013. Posted in Packages/Full day

... you to the Marina where you can enjoy a cool drink while gear is being organized. ** Pricing does not include Tips to captain & crew, Venezuelan taxes and lay days in Maiquetia. In order to save additional ...

Posada Alojamiento “a”

Created on Sunday, 20 November 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... Marina algún título de su colección de DVD o los juegos de mesa. Además tienen terrazas con parrillera e internet WIFI. A la hora de comer, Marina recomienda lo mejor de la ...

Posada Marina

Created on Tuesday, 06 September 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

A big house where the rooms are well equipped with a fridge, kitchen, linens, kitchen utensils and towels. There is a large terrace with barbecue that has an attachment for children with games and there ...

Isla Tortuga

Created on Sunday, 28 August 2011. Posted in Destinations/Islands

... solo por turistas y aventureros que buscan un refugio totalmente natural y alejado del bullicio de la ciudad, también es frecuente ver diversas especies de la fuana marina, tales como tortugas, peces corocoros, ...


Created on Sunday, 28 August 2011. Posted in Travel/Questions

... met us at Caracas Airport on Saturday evening. A forty minute drive to the Portofino Marina and we were in a safe friendly hotel with great food and wine. It was early May and the Marina was very quiet, ...

Posada Acquamarina

Created on Saturday, 27 August 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Posada Acquamarina Los Roques. A very attractive offer with many surprises, and now finally with some good photos on the internet as well. 5 rooms with rattan beds (M+S), bath/hot water, large towels, ...


Created on Saturday, 20 February 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... From there Lodge you can take a boat tour - they have a private marina with dock.  ...

La casa de Paraguaná

Created on Saturday, 13 February 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Houses

A very nice house with seashore in Paraguaná, right next to the Hotel Eurobuilding in Villa Marina. Comfortable fit four adults and two small children, or more people if they don't have have trouble sleeping ...

Posada Santa Margarita

Created on Tuesday, 08 December 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... nearby marina and the joy of walking through the old town to observe the best part. Pleasant nights in the small restaurants with sea view.  ...

Casita Brisa Marina

Created on Saturday, 17 October 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Rustic but comfortable rooms with two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.


Created on Friday, 20 February 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Made for international guests, landscaping, spacious, hotel-style rooms, two swimming pools, restaurants, spa, and different sports courts. They offer boat rides and breakfast is included in the rate. ...

Posada Villa Olga Marina

Created on Sunday, 30 November 2008. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

The largest Lodge the area with its small pool and transport minivan for rides to Paraguaná. It is very well assembled and won the Gold Award landmark and Indatur. Breakfast is included in the price.
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