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General conditions for any service provided by Explore in Venezuela: 1.- Responsibilities: Explore takes full responsibility, for all signed contracts and arrangements including correspondence using e-mail, with its...
Recommendations: WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US? New York Times: According to Explore Partners, a Caracas-based tour company that can arrange flights, rooms and sailing,...
How is the Weather?
The Weather in Venezuela Your travel partner in Venezuela.
5% of the total charge, including booking online and updates every month.
What is the Best Price Guarantee?
ExplorePartners guarantees you’re getting the best price. If you should find a better price online for the same service within 24 hours, Explore will refund the difference, and give you a travel...
Yes, apart from a great an simple web design you will get everything included for promoting your online travel services, being a Posada - Hotel Tour - Charter or Airline operator. ...
Venezuela Events
Venezuela local holidays and events. January 1Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day). January 1-2La Paradura del Niño (Feast of the Holy Child)Andes states of Táchira, Mérida, and Trujillo, esp....
This list with all of the Posadas ( Lodges ) and camps in Venezuela. Its (cataloging of Standard and Superior Posada) has been made by different individual commercial and non...
How is the Weather in Venezuela
Caracas Airport Assistance & Taxi
Venezuela Airport Transfer and Assistance now withon line reservation please book here: Transfers from the International Airport to Caracas = 220.000 Bs. and with airport assistance = 450.000 Bs....
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