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Elisabeth Kline

Here is the most detailed guide for lodgings and travel when traveling to VENEZUELA!

Guide to camps posadas and cabins.

Do not forget the guide when Traveling to Venezuela.

The edition of Elizabeth Kline's Guide has more than 200 new places compared to the earlier edition all data has been completely updated based on the author's unannounced inspection visits and investigation.

2,295 posadas, cabins, camps, yacht charter companies, and other unique alternatives to traditional hotels in every state of Venezuela, plus options for Los Roques, La Tortuga, and Las Aves.

Elizabeth Kline is a freelance writer and photographer from the United States who has been living, working, and traveling in Venezuela for more than 27 years. Exploring every corner of the country by car, plane, boat, horseback, or on foot.

Elisabeth Kline is the only one discovering new places to share with readers and updating information about tourism destinations throughout Venezuela.

The author has also written and supplied the photography (and continues to do so) for numerous travel articles in Viasar, the in-flight magazine of the Venezuelan airlines Viasa (Viasa is no longer operating) Escape, a travel magazine of the Product Group featuring national and international destinations; Entonces, a quarterly leisure / travel guide.

In addition to sharing information through her books, she has given countless speeches accompanied by photos on travel, and other related themes to promote better knowledge and appreciation of the beauties and cultural wealth in Venezuela as a means of promoting national tourism.

It is important to understand that no one pays to be in the book, and operators are included if and only they are providing a good service (off cause this is a judgment of Elisabeth Kline and acquaintances only).

No one can NOT be included (but then again a few people have received negative comments and therefore they are not included) That means they are still included but only with Elisabeth Kline's negative comments, based on comments from competitors providing the same services.

The idea originally was to provide the most objective and complete information possible about alternatives to traditional hotels and general tourist operators available in Venezuela, which it is in some ways but it doesn't provide a complete insight of what is really offered, but it is still the best guide offered!

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The Guide can be bought in Venezuela.

Your travel partners in Venezuela: Price Bs. 350,-

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